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Handmade Planner Sticker Strip Sheets: Autumn Love - Leaves & Acorns

Handmade Planner Sticker Strip Sheets: Autumn Love - Leaves & Acorns

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Autumn gourds, pumpkins, beautiful acorn and gorgeous leaves, oh my!   

The “ Autumn Love” series of  planner sized sticker strip sheets will give you a little bit of harvest time color  in your journals, planners, sketchbooks for the fall season. 

These sheet sets come in three different types of finishes: washi sticker paper, clear, glossy vinyl sticker paper and matte vinyl sticker paper.  

* Sizes and Materials *

These planner sticker sheet strips are printed on either, washi sticker paper, matter vinyl sticker paper or clear, glossy vinyl sticker paper. They are printed and cut in my studio. 

Each set comes with 2 identical planner sticker sheets which have 7 individual, 3/4 inch (2cm) strips, precut and ready to use. 

They are made from my original illustrations and designs which were created in Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

*Please keep in mind that since these sticker are printed on washi, clear & glossy or matte vinyl sticker paper, they are not waterproof or water resistant. Meant for indoor use only. 

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